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Litigation Support

Confidentiality is primary

Database analysis of remediation costs

Understanding of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat

Deposition and trial testimony experience

Network of experts

Multii-dimensional technical analysis

The Bodhi Group principals provide expert witness and litigation consulting services. Bodhi Group staff are trained in supporting principals on litigation, primarily on defense. The Bodhi Group has expertise in:

  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of clients, litigation strategy, and documents
  • Compiling incurred and estimated remediation costs in a relational database with links to backup documents to assist with claim and recovery costs
  • Organizing documents in a searchable database for quick retrieval and extraction in support of litigation, exhibits, and discovery
  • Complete understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, both strategic and technical
  • Experience in providing depositional testimony with a goal to prevail at trial
  • Assisting attorneys with finding other experts
  • Understanding the balance of explaining a concept to a jury while maintaining status of an impartial and objective expert

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