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South Bay Power Plant Below Ground Demolition

Power plant prior to demolition

Demolition of power block in progress

Demolition of wastewater treatment plant

Demolition of bridge over intake channel

Abatement of pipe with friable asbestos wrapping (miles of such pipes were found)

Demolition of tank farm foundation

The former South Bay Power Plant consisted of a 728-megawatts power plant, a small gas turbine plant, a switchyard, a cooling water system, and above ground storage fuel oil tank farms. The power block consisted of 4 Units constructed between 1959 and 1971. The above-ground demolition was completed in 2013, followed by the below-ground demolition.

The Bodhi Group was a key member of the below-ground demolition Contractor’s team, serving as the environmental, stormwater, and industrial hygiene consultant to the Below Ground Demolition Contractor.

As the Contractors consultant, the Bodhi Group:

  • Prepared the Health and Safety Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, Waste Management Plan, Air Monitoring Plan, Noise Control Plan, Quality Control Plan, Spill Prevention and Control Plan, and a Traffic Control Plan for approval by regulators.
  • Performed continuous noise monitoring for human health (75 dBA limit) and ecological receptor (60 dBA) exposure at multiple locations along the fence line.
  • Collected fence line and personal air sampling for analysis of lead, chromium, PCBs, and silica.
  • Performed continuous dust monitoring.
  • Performed stormwater inspections for compliance with the Construction General Permit and yjr Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Plan.
  • Performed waste sampling for profiling RCRA hazardous waste (chromium and lead, 40 CFR 261) and TSCA hazardous waste (PCBs, 40 CFR 760).
  • Performed a Phase II investigation of PCBs in concrete within the Power Block waste collection trenches.

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