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Construction Monitoring/Industrial Hygiene

Monitoring construction for evidence of contamination

Health and safety monitoring

Asbestos monitoring

Setting up air monitoring

Graphing dust levels at a demolition site

Preparing concrete piles for PCB sampling per TSCA

Environmental monitoring during construction has developed as an appropriate cost-effective remedy for managing low-threat and low-risk contamination. The remedy consists of preparing Risk Management Plans/Soil Management Plans, which are implemented to protect the environment and receptors.

The Bodhi Group prepares and implements Risk Management Plans and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs:

  • Field monitoring for visual and olfactory evidence hazardous materials by trained professional
  • Field screening with industry-standard equipment –PID, XRF
  • Dust monitoring as surrogate for non-volatile particulate contamination in air –lead, PCB, PAHs, dioxins
  • Air sampling on cellulose filters (metals, silica, PCB, PAHs), or in Summa canisters (VOCs, landfill gases)
  • Noise monitoring with Type II instruments
  • Environmental data capture and management for comparison of continuously collected data with regulatory or permit limits
  • Blended roles in single trained professional providing geotechnical compaction testing, field environmental monitoring, lead and asbestos clearance sampling, air sampling, and stormwater compliance
      Example projects:

South Bay Power Plant Below Ground Demolition Project
City of San Diego Emerald Hills Standpipe Demolition

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