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Hazardous Waste Investigations for Southern California Edison

66kV Switchrack – Alamitos Generating Station, Long Beach

Soil samples from near power poles, George Air Force Base, Victorville

Sampling at power poles along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu

Waste investigation at Mira Loma Station in Ontario

Collecting asphalt samples near 4kV regulators

Hand auger samples collected at night to minimize traffic hazard

As one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, Southern California Edison (SCE) has been providing reliable electricity in Southern California for over 125 years. SCE currently delivers more than 87 billion kWH of electricity to more than 15 million people over 50,000 square miles of service area that includes 180 cities and 15 counties. The Bodhi Group has been providing hazardous waste investigation services to SCE at their numerous substations, generating stations, and along highways for replacing wooden power poles.

The Bodhi Group:

  • Sampled soil for Aerially-Deposited Lead (ADL) for replacing power poles along Pacific Coast Highway, Decker Road, and Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Malibu, California.
  • Sampled soil for lead and pesticide for replacing power poles at George Air Force Base in Victorville, California.
  • Sampled concrete, asphalt, and soil for metals, PCBs, and petroleum hydrocarbons for waste profiling at the Alamitos Generating Station in Long Beach, California.
  • Sampled concrete and asphalt for metals, PCBs, and petroleum hydrocarbons for waste profiling at the Perry Substation in Torrance, California.
  • Sampled asphalt for metals and PCBs at the Mira Loma Substation in Ontario, California.

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