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San Diego County Water Authority On-Call Environmental Services

Water Authority’s desalination plant being constructed (largest in the US now produces 50 million gallons per day)

Phase 1 assessment of a site near Miramar reservoir

Soil sampling for lead with direct push drilling at a flow control facility

Map of sample locations at a flow control facility

Sampling for PCBs in soil near a storage tank

View inside US’s largest desalination plant (Carlsbad)

The San Diego County Water Authority, in existence since 1944, has been ensuring the legitimate share of drinking water supplies from the Colorado River for citizens of San Diego County. The Authority has diversified the supply with water from Northern California, and more recently by developing local groundwater resources and a desalination plant.

Through two, 3-year On-Call Consultant Agreements, the Authority has engaged the Bodhi Group to perform Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments on various properties throughout San Diego County to enable projects in support of reliable water supply and water source diversification.

The Bodhi Group:

  • Completed Phase I ESAs In accordance with ASTM Standard Practice E1527-13 to document Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) – presence of hazardous materials – that would impact the Authority’s project or impose liabilities.
  • Researched and compiled historical and current information from regulatory agency records and files, historical aerial photographs, topographical maps, engineering drawings, and local, state, and federal database searches.
  • Evaluated the presence of volatile organic compounds that may result in vapor inhalation risk.
  • Performing site reconnaissance.
  • Prepared Phase I ESAs report with tailored recommendations specific to the Authority’s construction project or liabilities in acquiring the property or easement.
  • Followed up on RECs by performing Phase II investigations to address lead-contaminated soil at the Flow Control Facility No. 6 Project and PCB-contaminated soil at the Hauck Mesa Storage Reservoir Project.

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