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The Bodhi Group functions as an integral member of the redevelopment team and buys into the vision of site cleanup and beneficial reuse. The Bodhi Group has consistently advocated and prevailed in convincing regulators toward common sense solutions to site contamination.

Success of redevelopment relies on timely financing and the understanding that environmental deregulation of the property is in the critical path of financing and construction. The Bodhi Group forms partnerships with regulatory agencies to achieve site closure while protecting future receptors and the environment.

Examples of redevelopment success include:

  • Redevelopment of the Port of Oakland’s Army Base property into a global intermodal terminal supporting maritime commerce. Cleanup is protective of future industrial workers, construction workers, and San Francisco Bay. Some minor contamination is left in place and managed with institutional controls
  • The Bodhi Group performed fast-tracked investigation consisting of trenching, drilling, groundwater sampling to show that petroleum product observed floating on San Diego Bay did not originate from the Driscoll Boat Yard. The Bodhi Group convinced the regulator that high levels of copper in groundwater were ambient conditions in the Bay and not from site releases. By removing regulatory obstacles, The Bodhi Group enabled the client to redevelop the property
  • The Bodhi Group developed a GIS model to screen contaminated (Brownfield) sites for redevelopment based on type and severity of contamination, impediments to redevelopment, costs or remediation, risks to receptors, tax base, location, and proximity to transportation

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