Waste Management

The Bodhi Group has successfully managed waste profiling and disposal for clients resulting in cost savings, avoiding violations, and being good stewards of the environment:

  • Identifying California hazardous waste (22 CCR 66261 et al) and RCRA hazardous waste (40 CFR 261 et al)
  • Using statistical tools to show that a large mass of contaminated soil will likely have representative chemical concentrations below cleanup or variance criteria
  • Advising clients to maximize reuse of soil with minor contamination under Caltrans variance, waste discharge requirements for reuse of fuel contaminated soil, and sites that have cleanup requirements
  • Segregating the “worst of the worst” RCRA hazardous soil such that minimal volumes are disposed of
  • Managing the “self-implementing cleanup” to determine representative concentrations of PCB remediation waste by compositing samples from stockpiles under TSCA (40 CFR 761 et al) and PCB disposal amendment
  • Advising clients of hazardous waste rules (e.g., stockpiling duration, on site management, documentation, permitted facilities)
  • Advising clients of “Alternate Management Standards” for disposal of treated wood waste at non-hazardous landfills, which otherwise may have required hazardous waste disposal