Stormwater Compliance

The Bodhi Group assists Contractors and Property Owners who are disturbing more than 1 acre of soil to enroll and be in compliance with the California Construction General Permit, which is delegated by the EPA to the State agency under the Clean Water Act.

  • Assess the sediment and receiving waters risk to determine whether the site is Risk Level 1 or 2
  • Prepare the Project Registration Documents, including the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, RUSLE calculations, and site maps in GIS in support of enrollment in the permit
  • Perform QSP Construction Site Monitoring (daily, weekly, quarterly, and qualifying rain events) for compliance with the CGP
  • Assist clients with compliance with Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Program under a municipality’s MS-4 permit
  • Assist clients in implementing the SWPPP and using innovative methods, practices, and products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economical to use
  • Prepare Annual Reports and Notice of Termination after project is complete and ground stabilization has been achieved