Health Risk Assessment

The Bodhi Group is experience and qualified in assessing excess Cancer and Noncancer risk to human health in a residential, commercial, and industrial setting. We have developed database tools, wherein we can capture geospatial chemistry data and based on potential exposure pathways, we can calculate Cancer risk and Hazard Indices for large number of chemicals while varying parameters to determine sensitivity of the risk to the input parameters.

  • Vapor Intrusion Risk using California-recommended toxicity values (IUR) or EPA-recommended values (can calculate side-by-side)
  • Statistically evaluate exposure point concentrations using parametric and non-parametric methods for various false positive and false negative rates
  • Exposure assessment for the pathways of inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact
  • Toxicity assessment using the latest risk factors (California and Federal)
  • Risk characterization to evaluate if significant risk exists for the planned redevelopment setting (commercial or industrial)
  • Uncertainty analysis – statistical variability, model sensitivity