Environmental Assessment

The Bodhi Group approaches Environmental Site Assessment with the goal of site closure with the least effort (lowest expense) and minimal remediation (as a last resort). Critical questions answered through Bodhi Group Site Assessments:

  • What are the contaminant sources (“whodunit”)?
  • What are the release and transport mechanisms (relate sources to impacts)?
  • How old is the chemical release (“when did it happen”)?
  • What media are affected (soil, soil gas, groundwater, surface water, air, sediment)?
  • What is the extent of contamination (delineation in lateral and vertical direction)?
  • Conceptual Site Model

Some of these questions can be addressed by leveraging existing data using relational databases and GIS. The Bodhi Group has successfully closed cases using this strategy and without field effort (e.g., Montgomery Field).

  • If field investigation is required, the Bodhi Group utilizes traditional and innovative technology tools
  • Geophysical surveys: ground penetrating radar, time-domain electromagnetic resonance, high resistivity profile (Sting), cable detection
  • Soil and groundwater borings: Hollow Stem Auger, Direct Push
  • Hydraulic Hammer, Mud Rotary, Air Percussion, Sonic Drilling, ROST, LIF, CPT, Trenching
  • Soil gas: Dynamic sampling, permanent gas probes, flux chamber, indoor air measurements
  • Groundwater: Temporary well points, permanent wells, low flow sampling, Passive Diffusion Bag, Centrifuge samples
  • Sediment: surface grab, piston core