South Bay Power Plant Below Ground Demolition

The former South Bay Power Plant consisted of a 728-megawatts power plant, a small gas turbine plant, a switchyard, a cooling water system, and above ground storage fuel oil tank farms. The power block consists of 4 Units constructed between 1959 and 1971. The above-ground demolition was completed in 2013, followed by the below-ground demolition.

The Bodhi Group was a key member of the demolition Contractor’s team, serving as the environmental, stormwater, and industrial hygiene consultant to Specialized Industrial Services, Inc. (SIS), the Below Ground Demolition Contractor. SIS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecology Auto Parts.

As the Contractors consultant, the Bodhi Group:

  • Prepared the Health and Safety Plan, Environmental Protection Plan, Waste Management Plan, Air Monitoring Plan, Noise Control Plan, Quality Control Plan, Spill Prevention and Control Plan, and a Traffic Control Plan for approval by regulators
  • Performed continuous noise monitoring for human health (75 dBA limit) and ecological receptor (60 dBA) exposure at fence line
  • Collected fence line and personal air sampling for analysis of lead, chromium, PCBs, and silica
  • Performed continuous dust monitoring
  • Performed stormwater inspections for compliance with Construction General Permit and Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Plan
  • Performed waste sampling for profiling RCRA hazardous waste (40 CFR 261), and TSCA hazardous waste (PCBs, 40 CFR 760)