City of San Diego Sewer and Water Group Jobs

The City of San Diego is replacing aging vitrified clay and cast iron pipes installed in the City between 1911 and 1950 with new Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Steel pipes to avoid future service disruption, increase system capacity, reduce maintenance requirements, and in the case of water pipes – replace lead joints that cause lead poisoning.

  • For the Water and Sewer Group Job 957, which consists of installing more than 7,200 feet of new water and sewer pipe and abandoning approximately 3,200 feet of 16-inch or larger diameter in-place by pressure grouting, the Bodhi Group has prepared a Hazardous Waste Management Plan that provides procedures to properly excavate, manage, characterize, and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that are excavated incidental to Project construction.
  • The Bodhi Group also prepared a Community Health and Safety Plan that provides guidelines for protecting the public from exposure to chemicals of potential concern (COPCs) during excavation and soil disturbance activities by minimizing community exposures to the chemicals, and providing public notification of the planned activities.
  • For the University Avenue pipeline replacement project, approximately 4.33 miles (27,722) feet of pipeline within the communities of University Heights, Hillcrest and Northpark withPVC and cement mortar lined Steel pipes