City of San Diego – Emerald Hills Stand Pipe Demolition

The City of San Diego used the Emerald Hills Standpipe as a water tank in the Encanto neighborhood of San Diego from 1962 through the 1980s. The standpipe has been idle for the last 30 years and was an eye-sore to nearby residents. In addition, the exterior paint on the structure had toxic levels of metals, including lead, copper, and zinc, which can cause neurological and blood disorders.

The City of San Diego contracted with Filanc Construction, who retained the Bodhi Group to provide hazardous materials consulting services, including:

  • Preparing a Community Health and Safety Plan that specified construction procedures to protect nearby residents from exposure to toxic metals dust during demolition and monitoring requirements to confirm no exposure
  • Preparing a Hazardous Waste Management Plan that specified the collection, management, and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Collecting air samples during demolition for analysis of lead, a suitable metal surrogate, to evaluate if the activities resulted in exposure to nearby residents
  • Preparing a report summarizing that the project had resulted in no exposure to nearby residents