Hazardous Waste Services On-Call , Caltrans District 11 San Diego and Imperial Counties, California (11A1638 and 11A1996)

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) 12 Districts manage more than 50,000 miles of California’s highway and freeway lanes. The Bodhi Group has been providing on-call hazardous waste services to District 11 as a subcontractor, which serves San Diego and Imperial Counties.

  • Statistical analysis of Aerially-Deposited Lead (ADL)-impacted shallow soil. Using GIS, relational databases, and EPA statistical software, the Bodhi Group statistically analyzes total and leaching lead concentrations and pH for all project data, data co-located by area, and by depth. Representative concentrations are compared with State Variance to use hazardous waste (based on ADL soil type) as fill on the project, thereby reducing costly landfill disposal of hazardous waste and reducing carbon impacts from transportation and disposal at landfills.
  • Phase 2 environmental site assessment and soil sampling for delineation of contaminant impacts and waste characterization.
  • Preparation of soil management plans that provides procedures for managing contaminated soil, manage stockpiled (or containerized) waste, contaminated soil reuse, and transportation/disposal of waste.
  • Preparation of community health and safety plans that provide procedures to reduce public exposure to contamination (lead, pesticides, petroleum impacts) during project construction.