Former Military/Industrial Facilities

Military Industrial Facilities saw their strongest growth in the 1930s and 1940s – in response to World War II. That time period also marked the most significant chemical impacts to the environment, particularly to water resources.

The Bodhi Group has extensive experience in investigating former military industrial facilities and connecting the dots between sources of contamination (industrial processes, chemical storage, dumping) and adverse impacts to the environment:

  • Researching historical maps, engineering drawings, and aerial photographs to identify sources of waste
  • Georeferencing historical maps and aerial photographs to geolocate sources of contamination
  • Evaluating the likely chemicals of concern based on the waste released
  • Intrusive investigation to sample soil, groundwater, soil gas, Bay sediments, and building materials
  • Assessing human health risk from residual contamination
  • Proposing remedies to mitigate adverse environmental impacts
  • Remediating and obtaining regulatory closure for redevelopment