Engineering Design Support

The Bodhi Group supports Architects and Engineers in project planning, civil and structural design to mitigate environmental constraints or incorporate institutional and engineering controls.

The support includes:

  • Preparing project specification sections notifying Contractor of environmental hazards at a Site; listing of all available environmental reports, documents, and information; and listing requirements for worker health and safety and community protection
  • Preparing demolition sections involving hazardous materials, identifying and managing contamination during work, soil and groundwater management plans, stockpiling of waste and hazardous materials, hazardous waste transportation and disposal
  • Compliance of construction related activities with regulations (Federal – Title 40 and California Title 22 and Title 27), worker health and safety, Clean Water Act, Porter Cologne Act, RCRA, and TSCA and governing documents (MoU between regulators and stakeholders, institutional and engineering controls recorded as land use covenants, Operation and Maintenance Plans, and permits)
  • Preparing bid estimates for work involving hazardous materials excavation, management, notification, transportation, and disposal
  • Review of project plans and documents with environmental requirements, laws, regulations, permits, and project/local requirements
  • Assisting Engineers and Owners in responding to Request for Information and Change Orders